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Conceived in Liberty

The USA never existed. Benedict Arnold defeats George Washington. Arnold is crowned king of the Union of Royal American States. In 2063, Queen Alyssa asks time-traveler Tamar Weaver to protect her monarchy from undocumented space aliens that have breached King Donald Trump's sky wall. While obeying her highness, Tamar encounters Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and King Arthur.

Conceived in Liberty is a comedic romp through the history of our alternative homeland, for history is, as Arnold Toynbee said: “just one damned thing after another.” And in Conceived in Liberty, by Don Canaan, it’s a tale of murder, intrigue and undocumented aliens. 



Fatal Attraction

Imagine undocumented extraterrestrial aliens that have breached our skywall. Imagine the United States as a monarchy and subsequently an empire headed by the Emperor Donald, code-named PUTSA by his associates. 

"Fatal Attraction' documents the history of the Union of Royal American States, now renamed the Union of Trump States of America.

Follow time-traveler Tamar Weaver as she attempts to repair the damages created by the misogyny imposed by the emperor and aliens.

Experience the punishment people can incur if they do not "toe the line."

"Fatal Attraction" by Don Canaan and Tessa Osborne is the exciting sequel to "Conceived in Liberty," an alternative history of our parallel world.

"Fatal Attraction" will soon be available in an audio book edition from Amazon and Audible.com, as well as from your favorite distributor.


eReading 101: 5 Reasons Why Anyone Can Do It

(NewsUSA) – Just a few short years ago, eReading was for tech-savvy people. Now, it’s made its way into mainstream culture with big box retailers and independent bookshops offering a selection of digital books and eReaders. Are you still teetering on the edge? We break down the benefits below.

Read anywhere

If you love reading, you know how cumbersome it can be to carry books on your commute or on a vacation. One of the biggest benefits of creating a digital library is that you can carry your entire collection with you. eReaders like the Kobo Glo house up to a thousand books, are comfortable to hold and offer a front light to read anytime — day or night.

Read on any device

Whether you want to read on an eReader, tablet, smartphone or computer, free eReading software lets you access your books whenever you want.

Book club, anyone?

Avid readers everywhere love discussing their favorite characters, and if you’re one of those people, a virtual book club might be the thing for you. eReading apps like those from Kobo give you ways to connect with other readers through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. There are even ways to share your thoughts and favorite quotes directly within the eBook you’re reading.

A bookstore in your hands

If your local bookstore is closed, or if you’d just rather stay indoors on a rainy day, online bookstores give you instant access to millions of books that you can download directly to your eReader or other favorite device. Many titles are even free.

Borrow eBooks from the library

Most people think that you can only buy books to read on your eReader, but that’s not the case. You can also borrow eBooks from your local library — right from the comfort of your own home.
Whether you’re a bookworm or a casual reader, the benefits of eReading are vast, and with all of the new options available, there is entertaining content and an eReader for everyone. 


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